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kristanicole's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Aug 2004|02:16am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey everybody, you know what movies i wanna see?
-without a paddle
-Nyapoleon dynamite (however you spell it)..so whoever wants to take me out to see those movies and actually WATCH the movie with me then let me know. They both look freakin harlarious.

Lets see..well im leaving for andreas tomorrow and then friday were ganna go to the beach, i hope i have fun! i bet i will though..im ganna call drew while im up there cuz hes ganna be staying up there too so were probaly ganna hang out with him that should be fun i havent seen him in forever..i taught that boy how to do his w's haha i really did in pre-school..

somemore of my sisters friends came over last night, Ashley,andrew,jared, and joe..Joes awesome hes like my brother ha, and ash is a cool girl and i dont really know andrew and jared i met him for the first time and it was funny cuz he looks like david beckam and i told him that and so now i call him david and he calls me ashlee cuz of the color of my hair ha. hes funny, he says fuck alot though haha.

Well you remember that guy named john i was talking about..i wish hed move back down here. i miss him..but hes going to visit next summer so i cant wait about that! even though its far away lol hes so awesome to talk to though seriously hes not like most guys up here...he lives in flordia by the way..

Hmmm what else..i think that about covers it for tonight..but ill miss everybody.

im so looking forward to seeing all my old friends at highschool! ut oh alisha i said it again! ha..dont shit your pants =)

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forget the subject.. [03 Aug 2004|08:46am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hello again, Today absoulutly nothing happend and not really anything paticular was on my mind today..so this journal entry will probaly worthless. But let me try and figure somethin out

Well Beth is Gone to the beach till the 7th with kelly stage, i miss her :(

Alishas in west virginia right now visiting her relatives, i was suppose to go with her but i couldnt..i miss her too! but not as much cuz i talk to her every day online so =)

Oh yeah you know what pisses me off but yet is so ridiculas its funny? is when immature girls IM you and try and talk crap or try and start stuff and they say the gayest things..its like come on grow up?? were not little 6th graders anymore who tryed to pick a fight with somebody and try n have the best comebacks or some stupid shit..anyway that just pisses me off everybody needs to learn to grow up and stop being so damn immature about things...and everybody needs to learn to get alone with everybody else.

Im leaving for the beach in a couple days but im leaving Thursday to go spend the night at andreas cuz thats who im going with and were leaving early friday morning..but anyways i hope ill have fun! were going to North myrtle beach for 5 days so ill be back the 10th..dont miss me too much :)

Well thats about it for tonight..i love you guys and ill miss you terribly! tell me if you want me to call you while im at the beach!! xoxo

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[02 Aug 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys..ive decided instead of just writing about what i did today im going to put more thoughts into what i write like say whats on my mind..cause i mean think about it who REALLY wants to know what you did today they want to know whats on your mind stuff like that..so here i go

Schools starting soon..ha its funny every time i mention school to alisha shes like "seriously..shut up..im about to shit my pants" but we just laugh together about it haha poor thing shes nervous =) But dont worry eish imm a little scared too..Highschools a big thing its not like middle school and its definatly not anything like elementry school..i just hope that i get in classes with all my friends thats all i want mostly im scared about lunch period..ha me n my friends talk about this all the time were scared were ganna be looking around n see nobody we know to each lunch with and have to eat lunch all by our lonesome =(hopefully that wont happen.

Last night i was talking to some people online..Do you ever just talk with someone and then you just think about how much that person means to you? Or how much you love talking to them? well yeah i had that feeling last night..i was talking to a guy named John we were like Best friends when we were little he was such a sweet boy when we were little..hed always play tricks on me and sometimes he could be mean but i still loved that little boy..even though he was older then me ha. But i was just thinking about all our memories and how when i was little things were so easy back then..Hed always make my day.

And i was talking to a guy named vince last night from California, Hes matts friend (you guys dont know the matt im talking about) hes a great guy he makes me laugh and i love that in a guy.

Today Kaylyn helped me with my livejournal so thanks girl.

Guys i need a cell phone..BAD..lol its driving me crazy but hopefully ill get one soon

i dont think anything else is really on my mind..But if you read my livejournal..i appreciate it =D

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A night with some crazy ass fun people [01 Aug 2004|02:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey! Last night i got drunk ..not wasted..but anyways i got drunk with my sister,mark hudson,skip,some guy named james, joe, and ashley and Dory we all played Poker for awhile..i won twice so it was all good =) Then we blacked Black Jack n i won that one ha. and then we played cirle of death and i pulled an Ace which means waterfall where everyones gotta chug till the person on your right stops chugging and i swear i was about to puke cuz it lasted like a minute or more straight and usually it doesnt last that long..but anyways Mark had this big cup that he filled with beer and i felt like i was either going to throw up or burp but i couldnt tell which one it was pissing me off and then my mouth got really watery so i was like okay im about to puke but then all of a sudden a big ass burp came up i was like what the hell..haha cuz that was kinda weird at the moment..but anyways james and mark were cracking me up...i dont even remember the things they would say But james was talking about "my mommas a bitch..fuck mah mom! my momma left me when i was 2 months old! a black laday raiiised me..and fuck mah dad! hes in jail shit..i beat the shit outta his ass he gotta where a (i forget the word he said but its where you have to wear a sack and thats where your poop goes)..i beat his ass when i was fiteen years old.." haha it was halarious the way he said it cuz he talks black but hes like white and mark i forget what he was doing but hes so funny, me and him talked forever last night i dont even remember about what though and Joe is so awesome ha hes like a brother to me idk it just feels like it i feel close to him. Oh yeah we put gel in his hair last night just for the heck of it haha oh yeah!! it was HALARIOUS..james was PASSED OUT on the couch and he would like open his eyes but hed like still be passed out and hed open his eyes and then hed like have this big ass smile on his face it was so funny and then me and Mark decided to take a permanint marker and doodle on his face WHICH we did O:) and i drew a mustash and then i tryed to draw like little squirly mushtash where it like curls on the sides..but i kinda messed up then i drew an L on his forhead and he would like keep waking up and just like smiling and going back to sleep it was so funny and then mark drew a little face with buck teeth hahaha me and him were cracking up..and he threw up on my moms blanket..damn it but we washed it and he threw up on my fone it smells like throw up its so sick. ugh. Lets see what else happend..ummmm idk it was just so much fun i havent had that much fun in a while. my sisters friends are the cool shit ill tell you that right now haha and skip was cracking me up too he was walking around in devil boxers and he was like "i lost my abs!" and then me and mark tucked him in haha and he was all cuddled up and wanted me to turn on the fan, turn off the radio, turn off the closet light and close the door i was like mk sure!! haha. But uh i think thats about it for today i dont really remember anything else that happend oh yeah! i remember james was chugging a beer and then it all came out of his nose it was so damn funny me and my sister started cracking up. But anyways..ill update again if anything exciting happens or i just feel like writing! Hopefully ill go jogging tonight with jessica and janel. i need to start getting in shape for soccer =D well ill talk to you kidos later! XOXO. Krista

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Answer.. [31 Jul 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I want to know what you think of me...

Post anonymously, say anything. How much you hate me, how much you love me, how much you can't stand me, how much more you want to spend time/talk with me. How ugly I am. How hott you think i am, Or how pretty/beautiful/gorgeous i am. whatever. Be brutally honest. Post this in your livejournal to find out what people think about you.
♥ ♥

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Hmm.. [29 Jul 2004|11:04am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Hey guys..me and tyler broke up..ill write in here later


(Like my icon says..Follow your heart, and thats exactly what i did..)

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Night at alishas [27 Jul 2004|02:58am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey everyone sorry im getting lazy on this thing..but the day before yesterday i hung out with Alisha and amanda keller..and throw out the day we hung with this guy named fubu n no hes not black hes white but he dresses like a wigger n he was SO FUNNY..hahaha anyways..we just hung out and got wasted..not like throwing up wasted just to have a good time..it was so awesome we didnt go to bed till like 11 the next morning..we like werent tired..im not about to type everything that happend but it was fun as hell alisha your awesome to party with haha. i was talking to this guy rob its alishas next door neighbor and it was so funny it was me alisha n aamanda n we all walked over there and then we all were like talking at the same time and so rob pulled out this toilet paper n was like "I GOT THE TOILET PAPER UNLESS YOU GOT THE TOILET PAPER DONT SPEAK" it was just funny as hell if you didnt think that was funny then youd had to be there n youd be laughing just as hard as i was haha. well i forget some stuff that happend but like i said im not about to explain it all just know it was a really fun night. but what i do remember is we all walked in mcdonalds still drunk n it was like 10 n i wanted a burger so bad..(john drove is..alishas moms boyfriend) and so we walked in there n i was talking to this black lady n i was like "IS THERE ANYWAY YOU CAN MAKE ME A CHEESEBURGER..IS THERE ANY WAY" and then she was like uhh no..n i go " THERES NOT ANYWAY?" hahah idk iwas being stupid n then me n alisha started busting out laughing only god knows why..i really dont know what we were laughing at ...but oh yeah the night we got drunk before we were drunk this lady came over with her son cody and they were out in the garage with john n becky (alishas mom) anyways..the lady had BRIGHT orage POINTY nails..it was funny i was like what the hell? haha. well anyways..

tonight i just hung out with cj, garrette and jeff. it was pretty fun but we were all bored..we watched a little of lord of the rings return of the king n we were all cracking up at characters on there..specially that guy thats got like what 10 strands of hair all together?? hahaha. i love that guy but then we just hung out and stuff at this big feild. but ill write in this some more tomorrow if anything special or iss worth talking or writing about comes up. Bye guys!!

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